Friday, November 20, 2009


I have spent so much money today it's crazy. I bought food scales, a refirgerator thermometer, packaging for the pretzels, some ingredients. I can't even think what else. Sigh... I need to figure the checkbook and pay some bills too!

Having trouble finding molasses for my gingerbread cookies. They may have to be canceled from the sale. I was worried because they are so labor intensive, anyway. Instead of drop cookies, they need to be rolled and stamped and sugared or frosted.... Sam's has a one gallon molasses on the website, but it says it's not available in our store. I should see if it is in Lafayette.

I talked to Amber about baking/ business tonight and she sent me a recipe to make my own caramel for the pretzels! That will save a lot of money. She says it's better too. Yay.

I'm exhausted. I think I don't even want to go see if it's my turn in Scrabble.

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