Monday, November 30, 2009

Driving again.

I got a much later start than I intended today and also had to stop and sleep for a little while. Basically all I did at Mom and Dad's was take in a little tiny bit of goodies, Mom gave me a basket I can use for a gift basket and then I managed to get Dad out to the car and back to the nursing home. I also took one of my little Christmas trees and asked, "Do you want this here or in your room at the nursing home?" Dad replied, "leave it here. I'm coming home tomorrow."

So when I took him back I had to figure out what is going on and he is NOT going home tomorrow. He is still prescribed a lot more therapy before he can return home. The home care that was approved for him was only for TEN hours a week, and there is no way Mom can care for him that much. PLUS, the house has to be inspected for safety (it is NOT safe) and Mom says that is "stupid" and I am not sure she will let them do it. So he may end up there forever unless some of these factors change. I sat down and had a talk with Dad about it and he seemed to accept it when we talked. I could tell he was really sad, though, so I went out and talked to Margarita, who is his nurse for the night, and she said she'd keep a little extra attention on him.

I took the nursing staff leftovers from Holiday Market and they were all happy with that!

Ironic.... we have been keeping little packets of peanuts, trail mix, granola bars, bottled water etc in the car to give to the street beggars. I was stopped at a light right next to a guy tonight and searching frantically to find something before the light changed. I totally forgot I had BOXES of cookies in the back and could have given him a real treat. I felt sad after I realized it! Duh. I guess it happens. I need to remember ALL the options sometimes.

It's late. I need to try to get some sleep. No more working on the list I think Going to bed with it incomplete again. I am strong. I can do it. Go me, no OCD!

Addition: I ran into some friends from college at the nursing home tonight. I knew Tom's mother was there too, but I hadn't talked to her for over 20 years so I was too shy to talk to her. They came from Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving and it was amazing and wonderful to run into them! I like to keep friends forever, (really!) and I was sad that we had lost touch in the last couple of years.

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