Sunday, November 22, 2009

More $$

I spent ever so much more. I am afraid to balance the check book. My goal tonight (this morning?) is to at least write down the a paper checks and see what has cleared.

I shopped for freaking HOURS and still remember things I need. Also I have to have enough money to pay for my expensive flour and my packaging next week. Eek. I have the packaging for the pretzels and the toffee. I have the stickers to make the labels. The cookie packaging will be $64, and he is getting a price on the bread bags Monday morning. He is also getting a price on "pizza circles" I am trying to decide if they should go under the bread. I also bought business card paper and more paper to make signs for the table with prices and all that. I need sign holders, but I think I can borrow a couple from Renee or from work.

At karaoke tonight I met a nutrition/dietitian student and she said I should use applesauce for the fat substitute in the ginger bread. Duh! I knew that. I have just been too boggled. That will keep them vegan. I am baking some tomorrow. And I don't have to bake a whole batch and waste it. Gingerbread is a dough that you can keep refrigerated and use later. Amber also says she makes her pretzels ahead of time and they keep well in a tightly covered container. ALSO I had taken toffee to work about two weeks ago and when I brought the remnants home just a couple of days ago it tasted great. It just had a little bloom on the chocolate, but that may be because our house is so cold. I'm trying to decide what shapes for gingerbread. I wish I had a star of David cutter. I can make some Christmas trees, some people and some circles or hearts. I also have autumn leaf cookie cutters I like to use for ginger bread and then just put sparkly sugar on, but I think it's too late for that by Holiday market.

I'm rambling because it's stinking late and I am exhausted. I will let you know how the gingerbread turns out tomorrow - pictures if it is good.


Amber said...

Business card suggestion. Rather than printing your own there are a couple of online places you can order through that do a very good job for very cheap. Vistaprint and overnightprints are two that I've used and been very pleased with. They usually run 'free' promotions where you pay $1.50 for an upload fee and $5.00 for shipping.

ems615872002 said...

I made brownies for Thanksgiving and Lyn said something to me about using applesauce instead of oil even when making brownies from a mix! I never heard of that before she said something, and now I read it here.