Saturday, November 14, 2009


I made a very long list of items to accomplish today - a long list even for me! My main goal, however, is to get enough rest so that my headache goes away. It has been nagging at me for four or five days. It has never made me non-functional, but miserable in general. I made the long list, but I am going with the idea that it is a wish list and if a nap or a certain food that will make me feel better supercedes items on the list so be it.

Here's a short report on the week of non-blogging:
Constant headache or hip pain.
One visit to chiropractor - helped both
Heather visiting while on her vacation
A couple of good meals cooked and consumed
Heather was helpful because I didn't feel well
A coworker - Gina - gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers because I told her it was a rough week.
Chocolate party, not as many people as I would have liked, and a little too "salesy" but still pleasant.
Work, busy, yet sort of fulfilling, despite physical discomfort. I like feeling when I "earn my keep."
Food and exercise, too much, not enough. I have gained back a little and am going to get back on the wagon.
Business: went to restaurant supply store to research packaging. Decided on foil trays with plastic dome lids for cookies. Foil is recyclable in our community, the plastic is not, so better than all plastic "clamshells," less expensive, too. Decided I want to sell breads in flat paper bags and guy is searching for them for me. Now I just need money to buy them. Focaccia bread with the locally grown flour is AMAZING - cookies with the golden wheat berry flour - eh. Will try again.
Crafts/art and reading - none accomplished this week. I did listen to good music a lot, however.
Cleaning out - took an entire carload of stuff to Unity Church "Circulation Day." Very happy about that. Also Heather helped me go through my closet last night and pull out many items that are too big that I loved and hadn't had the heart to part with yet. A lot of times she would grab the back and say, "I am holding six inches of fabric here. It's too much to even get altered." She took them all away this morning to a charity where they give clothes to women trying to rebuild lives and start careers. Most of what we sorted out last night was the nicer, dressier stuff. It is much harder to get rid of than T-shirts, jeans and knit shirts!

My first items on my list are "fill pill case" and take medicine. Those are a necessity and must be done soon, so I am off to start the day (at 11:00 - see, I slept extra already!). I will try to return and report!

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