Tuesday, November 10, 2009

That little rattle under the car...

It's a good thing I decided it was worth taking in and having it put up on the lift. Chris had looked under it and said he thought it would need a whole new exhaust, but he wasn't able to really raise it up and also based that on putting his hand on the exhaust pipe and not feeling any pressure coming out at all. That little rattle, that little rattle, that little rattle I'd hear every once in a while above the chugging... when it was up on the lift the guy was able to see that the "flex pipe" was almost rusted through, and if it goes all the way and hits the road you become one of those cars that throw a bunch of sparks until it rips off and you leave the muffler and pipes lying on the highway! It was $143 to get it fixed. I balanced the checkbook and I had $130 BUT there is a check out that Ben swears he already cashed, so unless Ben is wrong and finds the check and cashes it I am okay. Please, please, please however, let the child support be deposited on time! We are eating what we have in the house this week! At least I can bake bread if all else fails! It's just lack of fresh veggies that will make Michael crazy.

Made more focaccia bread tonight with the locally grown flour. AND found that Eric still has the scales from when he owned the pizza restaurant that he will let me use for weighing ingredients and for packaging. So things look grim in some ways and great in others. I have to have money to buy the higher amount of flour and the containers and labels to make my labels and and and... sigh. Yep. I think I still agree with the crazy verdict!

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