Tuesday, November 17, 2009

20 MInutes

I did 20 minutes of movement all at once tonight. The way I have been lately I feel accomplished. I have been doing 20 minutes some days, but dividing it into two ten minute increments. I also worked on the yard on Sunday cutting and toting wood. I want to get my arms back!

I added some more names to my email list and sent a second round of the email tonight. I have one advance order. Woo. I started a Facebook page where people can be a fan. I have posted some pictures on there. When I get pictures of all the products I am offering at Holiday Market I will send another email with photos attached.

I went to the dr. today. I told him all my stress and the sleep troubles and blah, blah, blah... He talked about how if I don't sleep it will mess up my cortisol, which messes up the way my body uses insulin even more. That is Type II Diabetes. Your body produces insulin, but does not use it properly - insulin resistance. So first goal is to get me sleeping better. Also, one of the meds we had reduced we are going to go back to the larger dose and he thinks it will get me off this plateau which has become a four pound gain. Sigh...

I need to go wash dishes and then make toffee and take pictures and then wash dishes again. I have a midnight goal tonight and I am going to stop and go to bed no matter what is or isn't done. Eventually I am going to get myself back to nmy eleven o'clock bedtime.

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