Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Randomness in Photos...

In Illinois, along a state highway. On the way there we took the odd roads through small towns.
These pictures are all in really random order!
Halloween night. You might think it sad that Scott is teasing Hobbes with the ball, but what is really sad is that there was actually a hamster inside, although I promise no hamsters, dogs, nor boyfriends were harmed in the making of this picture.
Hobbes, Sweet Hobbes. He has special needs and physical challenges.
We'll see if Emily and Scott are really up to it.
Marci's son Joey. Marci thinks that the cars came from some kind of exchange she did with my brother Chris 25-30 years ago!
Joey is VERY smart and cute!
A miracle. Shawn swept.
A magic broom...
Gillian cast a spell on it. That's my messy desk in the background.
A field of windmills, Benton County, Indiana.
We had elk for dinner.
Whole-grain elk pasta from IKEA - cute, but the shape doesn't cook up well so it was only mediocre.
Severo's memorial.
After I took this picture I kind of put the white cross on the right back in place sos it would look better.

Gorgeous - good trip.


Deb said...

I not only think but am confident that teasing any dog is sad.

Signing off...

ems615872002 said...

He wasn't teasing the dog! Hobbs gets to play with that stupid ball all he wants. It is one of the many toys he has destroyed, lol. Also notice his name is Hobbs, not Hobbes.

ems615872002 said...

Also how can you call him Sweet, you wouldn't even let him touch you, hahaha. We all know you hate dogs!

Hope said...

Sorry, girlie girl - don't mean to give Scott a bad rep. And yes, I thought HOBBS was sweet. I can't believe a beagle exists who doesn't bark and whine! That doesn't mean, I want dog snot on my thighs...