Tuesday, October 13, 2009

After midnight....

We're gonna let it all hang out!

Naah - I need to get to bed soon. I have about a million things to do and my mind is racing so I have begun pharmaceutical intervention.

Quick report:

Saturday: Octoberfest, Polka Boys, Dancing with abandon, big burrito (yes, at Octoberfest, and no sauerkraut involved), Fire pit, talking, to bed pretty early and the best night's sleep in Lisa and John's guest room - King size, therapedic mattress all to myself!

Sunday: wake up not too early, went to Trader Joe's, first experience at Whole Foods (I like Trader Joe's better and I think the prices are better), drive to Lafayette, straight to nursing home, dad tired, me tired, Mom and Heather left for event at their HS. Dad and I napped, I woke up, started working on new project, Dad woke up, Helped Dad eat dinner, left NH, ate dinner with Mom and Heather, drove back to Bloomington, went to bed again fairly early... I'm not used to it.

I started waking up at 3 am. Sigh.... too late for pharmaceutical intervention so back to sleep off and on until time to get up. Up and showered, on time for work. Didn't eat a morning snack, sugar was low and depressed at lunch after finding out friends' house burned down... Kept myself from throwing a fit when the guy gave me the wrong sandwich. I knew he was new and I knew I was irrational. So I took an extra long lunch until I felt like I could be rational again.

Back to work. Finished work. Sold something good WITH prepayment.

Came home, rested a little, made actual three course dinner.

Cleaned up, played FB (Heather reported that Dad had a good day today), blogged, am crossing everything else off the list and GOING TO BED.

I want to make more of that bread tomorrow and take it to work. I also still want to make my chocolate bacon cake. I think I will set the goal at making the piggy tomorrow.

I LOVE that bread and it is SO easy. I want to make it and use the fresh mozzarella I bought at Traders Joes's and slice the bread horizontally and make a sandwich with it and tomatoes and basil or pesto.... I don't have a sandwich press. Do you think the waffle iron would work?

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