Thursday, October 8, 2009

Poo Poo on the big list!

The perfect shelf to go with my bench! Happy birthday to me!
When I came back to edit some typos I realized how crappy this corner looks except for the shelf. I need to touch up the paint and where the door is puttied and all that. Sigh.
I wonder if I should get one for the other side to put the record player on. I plan to ask my cousin Jimmy if he wants his mom's sewing machine anyway...
See the perfection in the woodtone and style... of course the shelf is nowhere the quality as the bench/coffee table.
How many copies of "The music of the Jews" does a woman need? Apparently eleven. How many should be in a language she neither speaks nor reads? Apparently five. This is not counting manuscripts.

I slept until after 11:00... got up and showered, took myself out to lunch, went to Target and shopped around found THE PERFECT shelf to go with my new Eames bench and couch. Then it was raining like crazy and time for Michael to get out of school so I went over to pick him up. Having forgotten my phone at home, however, I just parked near the bike rack and read for about 40 minutes. I just decided to give up and go home and heard thunder. I don't really like him riding in lightning so I decided to go upstairs (where the Science rooms are) and find him. We met on the stairs... So I brought him home, then left to the grocery. We were down to some wrinkled baby carrots and a few oranges as far as fresh.... I spent a truckload of money, but the veggie drawer is overflowing!

I made Michael put the groceries away while I rested. Who doesn't need a nap after getting up at the early hour of eleven o'clock, I mean it is before noon! Then I made some convenience food for dinner I had bought at the store, a pasta/broccoli combo in a white wine pesto sauce. I also cooked the wrinkled baby carrots! I thought it was pretty good, but Michael didn't like it very much. Then it was off to cello lesson with beautiful Ben. Michael has about 20 measures of his first composition complete and transcribed, but only the cello part. His next assignment is to write in the violin part. He is not used to writing in treble clef so it will be tedious for him.

After cello we went to meet Mrs. Beck. She is an eccentric old woman who had a stroke a few years ago. I have known of her or been associated with her in some way all my 25 years in Bloomington. At first I just knew of Mrs. Beck because my friend Eve worked in her laboratory which analyzed kidney stones. Then when I worked at the bank she was my customer. Now she is a customer at the newspaper. She wanted to hire someone to run errands for her and I told her Michael would do stuff for her, as long as he has time. They both really liked each other. Mrs. Beck said she could tell Michael is not like a regular teenager and as we left Michael said he really likes her. He likes that she is happier that he will run errands on his bike than in a car. She told him of her days in California and how in her community bicycles were a huge part of the culture and they poo-pooed people with cars. It's kind of ironic because out of the blue on the way to cello Michael had told me how he wanted to visit California, especially _______ area, I can't remember because of the bike culture there. I went through my list of Todd lives here, V & J live there, D lives there, Eve lives here... we could probably visit many areas of California and meet lots of hospitality! I will have to get in good bike shape.

When we got home we both ate ice cream with reckless abandon. It was my birthday celebration! I also had FRENCH FRIES with lunch. Yum. So now it's late and I have built my shelf, washed some dishes, worked on my current clock project and begun sorting the Rothmuller items in a way that makes sense to me for beginning. Soon to bed... soon to bed...

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