Thursday, October 15, 2009

I did it!

Twenty minutes of intentional movement tonight. I decided to make it a priority above dishes, etc.... I still didn't make my bed by midnight goal, but maybe the movement will help me sleep more quickly. Little bits at a time. I made myself do it by writing on my list AND by recording it in my log for the fitness challenge at work. Even though I have overcome the bad P WORD to where I don't feel terrible if I don't complete my list every night, I would hate to have to scratch something off that log once it was written down. I know how to work my psychoses to my advantage at times!


Quilt or Dye said...

My anxiety levels have gotten really bad lately. I'm so stressed that I have almost (almost) decided to start exercising to help lower them. I know it would work. I remember how well I felt when I was walking or exercising daily. I wish just knowing and remembering would be enough. ****heavy sigh****

Hope said...

For a while my goal was only FIVE minutes a day and I couldn't achieve that! Tonight it is ten, and I still haven't done it! It's 12:23 am and I SWEAR I am still going to do it.