Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Photo Post!

Look! Spring is here! I found a crocus today. I finally got my wish and skipped winter.

It was so cold in the office today Joyce brought her Snuggie and wore it while she typed!
Ooohhh... scary! What is it?
It's Michael's first welding project. He wants to weld it to the handlebars of one of his bikes. He needs to weld to make his "Extra Cycle" and trailer. Don't ask me. I haven't looked it up yet and I know I'll describe it wrong if I try to repeat what Michael said it is. As to the welded design - He's not a Satanist, I swear. It's all very tongue in cheek with him and he thinks it's funny.
Per Katie's request - Dad's face, and not just wounds! This was this Sunday. The nurse is someone from church whom we have known for over 30 years. I didn't recognize her when I first saw her, but she said the first time she worked and asked Dad if he knew who she was he said it right away. He's better and smarter than I am even after a massive stroke and a big blood clot on his brain!
Julie and Dad again. Katie, Heather taped up all the pictures and stuff you guys sent and it really makes the room more cheerful. Thanks so much for sending it!
He's using his left hand and took several drinks and didn't spill at all (another thing he's better at than I am!). I was feeding him his pudding and doing it the way I would eat it - taking a little bit of the whipped cream with each bite and making that whipped cream last... Dad looked at me with disgust and picked up the pudding cup and ate all the whipped cream with one bite. We should have just brought him a can of Redy Whip!
One of my fellow Octoberfesters from Saturday Night, Dan.


KAT said...

Thank you for the pictures. And I'm glad our package can help brighten up Grandpa's room.

I really like the picture of Michael's welding project with the red light behind it. It has some great colors.

Anonymous said...

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