Saturday, October 10, 2009


Probably the main focus of the front porch beautification project - the purple front door. It also has a new, brushed nickel knob and deadbolt. The frame has been cleaned, sanded and repainted. The mat is new.
A table with some of Michael's geodes. I have had this for a few years, but it was terra cotta brown and I never kept it nice. It always gets dirty when it rains hard.
New rug, new plant stand. This was a crappy time of day to take pictures and I actually took before pictures and want to post them as contrast. Mom wants to see the purple front door so I went ahead and took these even though the lighting is bad. It would be best in the morning when the morning glories are blooming, but they are almost finished for the year anyway.
One of my morning's labors. Rosemary focaccia bread, from a recipe Amber posted on her dinner site. I used fresh Rosemary from my garden and only one cup of white flour, the rest is whole wheat. One loaf I added chopped garlic to the sprinklings on top. That's the one I already ate a piece of! I am going to leave it for Michael and take the other loaf to John and Lisa's tonight. I think I will make it again soon and also knead chopped garlic into the dough. That will be yummy!
It's grape juice in my wine glass, which I promptly drank after taking this photo. Gee - too bad my sugar got low from working too hard and I had to eat a piece of bread and drink juice!
These are the last tomatoes from the garden (I think, I know I said that last week too), and I knew the picture would need some color... I love baking. I love growing things. I love eating things I baked and grew. I love taking pictures of them too. Happiness and a sigh of contentment.

I made a list that seemed long, but a lot of the stuff has to do with getting ready for the evening in Indy and tomorrow in Lafayette, so it's not really that bad, I guess. I still have to go to the dump and load the car. I wanted to start on my next art/craft project (Do I do crafts or am I an artist?), but it probably wait until I get home. I plan to take some embroidery with me to play with while I am in the nursing home. I can't stand having idle hands. If I am completely idle I will just sleep!

So now to the dump, to the dump, to the dump, dump dump (It's where the Lone Ranger takes his trash too!). Then I will get ready and leave for Indy, so I don't know when you will "hear" from me next.


Amber said...

Yay! I'm glad you liked the bread. Also- the color of your door shows up a lot more 'vibrant' on my reader than on your blog. Not sure why. Looks great though! Good job!

Did you use a special paint on your front door? I want to paint mine blue- but I don't know what sort of paint I should use.

Erin S. said...

The door is perfect!!! I love it.

Anonymous said...

Love the door! Goes great with the gray siding. p.s. Happy belated birthday! Jennifer

Hope said...

I used regular semi-gloss latex paint. The paint guy said it would work without a primer as long as I sanded the door a little to give the old paint some "teeth" for the new paint to stick. My front door is metal. He also said I could use it for the shutters, which are plastic. I feel less certain about that, but then, he is the paint guy and I am not! I probably won't get to the shutters until next summer now.