Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I feel like I blogged already

because I couldn't get last night's entry to post until tonight. This will be short because I still have quote a few items on my list!

Dad is doing better. I talked to the nurse assigned to him tonight and she checked his charts and they have changed his pain meds and the anti-depressant. She said he seems better to her today then the last time she saw him.

Mom said the psychologist also did an assessment on him. I'm not sure if that's quite right because Mom said the assessment was for motor skill and that seems like a physical therapist thing to me. Mom said Dad was TOO warm last night and had to have blankets taken off of him, All in all it sounds like they are taking his needs seriously and working to make him more comfortable both emotionally and physically. Mom said Dad really wants me to bring cookies when I come. I think I will make some peanut butter cookies so there won't be any pieces of anything in them.

I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night because of my distress and it was the second night in a row for terrible nightmares. Nigt one included severed heads, running from bad guys and hospitals of horror (honestly and that was BEFORE I knew Dad was having trouble). Last night was even worse. In the dream my sister in law gave me a new house and it was decorated with colors and styles I did not like. Sounds very mild compared to somebody carrying a severed head around a hospital dripping blood all over the floor, but LAST night, in the badly decorated house were the dreams that made me yell and cry out loud and wake myself up! I was like - the bedroom is RED, I have a RED boudoir! I can't live here, then screaming - "GET ME OUT!" Haha! Shows what my priorities are I guess. I've always known I am completely selfish and shallow.

I baked Seth's birthday cookies tonight. They are only two weeks late. Joe is next on the list. I usually make his mama's oatmeal cookies for him. Those and pie crusts are the ONLY time I will use Crisco! This year he said he wants some of the foccacia bread. I am afraid it will mold on the way to Texas. I guess it could be a product test!

Deb remember the year I sent your birthday present or whatever it was for like eight months late? At least I am not that far behind yet!

Nieces o' mine: Please don't be hurt that I don't send you gifts. It's because you are all so much better at stuff than I am I feel inadequate. I love you muchly, I promise. Set and Joe, I know wouldn't get homemade cookies and Deb, well Deb is so super special and has been so wise and such a gift in my life that I had to gift her back.

Well off to wash one window - next item on the list. See how random I am...

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