Friday, October 16, 2009

Another project is complete!

Started as a plain, magnetic, dry-erase board.
I added a U.S. map and then cut outs of places I have been, or places I want to go, or feel otherwise significant to me.
A place to put my travel magnets! I decided a couple of years ago to get magnets as souvenirs because they are usually affordable, every place has them and they are pretty cool. After a while I felt like there were too many magnets on the fridge and it added to the cluttered look of the kitchen. I dreamed up this project and have had the materials to do it for a LLLOONNNGGG time. Completing it helped add in to my staying up until 4am one night this week. :(
These are two of my favorites. They are from one of my by myself trips. It was a good one. I ate Tennessee barbecue in a bar and listened to a live band on Broadway Street.
In North Carolina Deanna and I went to the Andy Griffith Museum and climbed up Mt. Pilot.
It was about 95 degrees and I almost died.
From the best vacation EVER and one of the best choices I ever made in my life was to take this trip.

I need to learn to buy smaller magnets. I can't wait until I need to make a new mapboard with a WORLD map. Need to get a Passport! I feel like I still have some magnets hiding somewhere. I am pretty sure I have a Utah magnet that is the same style as the Nevada rectangle one... As I clean out the craft closet (hell-hole) I will probably find more.


Quilt or Dye said...

We have cool magnets in Maine. (hint, hint, hint)

Hope said...

Only in summer will you EVER find me in Maine!