Friday, October 9, 2009

Genius dinner, bruises, clocks...

Oh, and a Princess too! Emily do you feel honored? I finally got your picture out of that frame that made a funny spot on it and now you are amongst my favorite authors - right between Chaim Potok and John Steinbeck!
Music clock I have made for Mom and Dad. I have learned some good lessons on this one about making things appear more professional - like look at the number 4.
I should have taken an exacto and scraped the edges to make it cleaner.... I hadn't used the stick-on numbers before so this was kind of an experiment with them. I feel nervous that they will fall off.
Same with all the numbers... the instruments and other stuff was better. I think the figure are just higher quality plastics.
Michael and I both agree that the ClockQuirks logo should be in reverse type on this one.
I can still change it. I haven't Mod-Podged over it yet.
I had originally planned to use the instruments and larger musical symbols in place of numbers. Michael said he has trouble telling time without numbers (even though he's a genius, he's a strange kind of genius), and it made me consider that it may also be hard for old people so I put the numbers INSIDE, close to the hands, and the symbols and instruments on the periphery, just for thematic decoration.
At first I used this side for the front because it had some Sousa marches on it, but then I was afraid Dad would be upset that I "ruined" a good record with Sousa marches on it! That is one reason for the exact placement of the logo, although I did plan for it to be UNDER the hub, instead of on top, so the RCA Victor logo and Nipper would show. (Do you know we have a Nipper's Credit Union in Bloomington, right across the street from where the RCA TV factory was for decades?)
The entire thing.
This is the putting-the-heavy, old, English-bicycles-on-the-rack-and- smashing-my-hand bruise.
This is still the unknown-origin-but-probably-carrying-the-very-heavy-vintage-sewing-machine-cabinet-the-night-I-moved-furniture bruise.
This is my genius dinner. Quinoa is my new grain for experimentation. I had raging success with pasta salad and tonight I decided to make "Hawaian Haystacks" and use Quinoa instead of rice. Hippie Boy gets a more complete protein and I get closer to my fifty grams, and have a whole-grain, more complex carb. Also we both like them with lots of veggies so our fiber is even higher. Yes that is a huge pile of college recruitment materials under Michael's plate. When we bring in the mail I put his in "his place" at the table and he is supposed to take it and sort it and recycle or keep as appropriate. He finally did that with this pile after dinner. Of course I did not include the other end of the table where my un-put away art and craft stuff is. Hey! I'm still working on it!
Yummy! I cooked some chicken breast separately to add to mine. I used to use one can of mushroom soup and one can of Cream of chicken, because I don't really like it with straight mushroom, like many people use. Now I use one can mushroom, one can cream of celery so it's veggie and I still like the flavor.

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