Saturday, October 17, 2009

Heather is coming

and we are going out to karaoke, I think. Fun with no cover charge, just the price of an endlessly refilled Diet Coke and a couple of tips. Heather said she could afford for us to eat out if we want to and I hope she really wants to, because I really want to, but I can't afford it! I'd even go for a cheap dinner at this point.

I have been working on my ginormous list I made for today and I deserve a treat! I have also taken a nap and watched an episode of Lost, so it hasn't been all work and no play, but some of the work has been unpleasant stuff I don't really like to do. Ugh. I still have eight things on the list! Some are simple: Feed fish. Others are more complex and require finding homes for new objects or objects whose homes have been usurped by some other new items - in other words, or one other word, actually - organizing - neither my favorite activity, nor my best skill. Oh where is Emily when I need her? Well in Chicago of course! Huh. Okay, going to go work on it before Heather gets here... ummmm she arrived while I was typing that sentence. Too late!

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