Thursday, October 8, 2009

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I am off work tomorrow for my birthday, which is nice. I am lookingto forward to it. Funny thing is a have a list of things I want to accomplish, as usual. I think it will make me feel good because I haven't been able to do my own stuff as I like to for so long. Plus I have acquired new things which don't yet have homes and it makes me feel unsettled to have extra things sitting about.

One thing I would really like to complete is the front porch beautification project. It is really complete. It just needs a little cleaning up so I can take my after pictures. I am sad I didn't do it sooner because the pictures would have been nicer with the morning glories in full bloom and it has been so freaking cold that they are not so active anymore.

I have also started a clock for Mom and Dad. My mother got mad at me and said I took their only working clock away when I was cleaning. I had no idea. I thought it was just some cheap thing they got at someone else's garage sale, which it probably was, but I didn't realize it was the only working clock. I have a really cool clock started and I would like to complete it and get it up there this weekend.

I am having mixed feelings about this weekend because I need to go and take the clock and the clean laundry, but I also REALLY need some home time. Also Heather's school is having a reunion for people who were involved in music and she is going to sing. BUT Lisa also invited me to go to Indy and go to Octoberfest and then hang out, which I would really like to do. I asked Michael and it turns out he has another DATE Saturday night... so that makes me kind of want to stay here Saturday and have him go up to Lafayette with me on Sunday, but I don't want to drive twice so then I miss both activities to which I have been invited warmly. I feel very wishy washy and unsettled about the whole thing. I know I am letting minor things bother me, when there are much bigger issues in my life and the world. Maybe the minor issues are a welcome distraction from the real stuff.

I wanted MEAT today. I went to Golden Corral because I knew there would be meatloaf and I have been wanting it so badly! I had meatloaf AND pot roast. I haven't really eaten since then, though so I probably ought to eat something before I go to bed so I wake up in the morning! I can't even test my sugar because I am out of strips. Oops! I called the dr. today and I can go pick some up tomorrow.

I smashed my right hand last night loading one of the bikes on the bike rack. It had an impressive blue broken vein blood-bubble type bruise last night. Today it is only slightly blue, but hurts like hell.

Good-deed doing backfired somewhat. Casey was upset from "negative attention" she received about the Victoria's Secret Contest. She said people on some fora called her the "Cancer Bitch." I don't know where she is reading. I should google. Maybe people started boards specifically about this contest? I would have never thought of anything like that. In way I feel bad because it upset Casey and that is the last thing she needs. In a way (which is probably selfish) I feel a little hurt because I know that my friends and I were doing what we felt was wanted, voting for Casey, getting others to vote for Casey, and then protesting when the contest was unfairly judged. It's one of those things that makes me feel like sometimes you can't "win," no matter how hard you try.

Another sort of negative thing. Liability insurance for the business is at least $60/mo. More quotes are needed. Also there may be a nutritional analysis that has to be completed by a state certified lab for packaging and labeling requirements to be properly fulfilled. I don't know the exact cost, but I am worried about it - especially if I want to sell many different goods. If that is the case, I will have to give up for now, work on a more complete business plan that figures those costs into my break-even point and work on some of the minor issues, like my name change first. If Joy and I combine and form a partnership LLC - Hope and Joy LLC - :) , maybe we can reduce fees for state registration, trademarks, etc. We are looking into it. Joy is a good researcher and doesn't work an 8 - 5 job any longer so she has taken the brunt of the research. It makes me feel a little unreliable and flaky, but she says she enjoys working with me anyway.

I usually write my projected bedtime on my list for the evening. I didn't actually write it down tonight, but midnight was officially the goal. I am going to skip dishes because I will be here tomorrow, but I do want to start a grocery list so Michael will see it in the morning and add his desires. We're starting to get down to canned veggies...

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Sarah Mae said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Hope! It's sounds like you have lots of choices for celebrating, I hope it is awesome!