Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yay for Vickie!

Everybody go buy her book! Let me tell you - this woman knows what she is talking about. She was a single mother of SEVEN children, remarried and had three more. She and her husband are one of the most "in love" couples I have ever known. I cannot stand her husband's political views and can't stand to read hardly anything he writes, but he once wrote something that is one of my favorite things ever. Quoting very loosely... "People say marriage is hard work, but it shouldn't be. Raising children is hard, supporting a family is hard, maintaining a home is hard, but marriage is the joy that helps you get through all that difficulty together." I have thought to myself I will never get married again unless I find someone with whom I can have a relationship that is joy that makes everything else worthwhile. They have been through MAJOR difficulties in life before, during and after writing this book. Attending the Women's Conference the first year I went with some of my internet friends and meeting Vickie IRL was a wonderful thing.

Tonight I am making foccacia bread again. I am trying a variation with Tuscan spices. I tasted the dough and I think it's too spicy! It may burn everybody's mouth.

I tagged along with Joy while the Rep. from the State Board of Health interviewed her and watched her standard operating procedure to make sure she is compliant to retail her products. I learned a lot and he had some tips on interpreting the bill for Home Based Vendors. The legislature wrote and passed it without much consultation from the State Board of Health or food scientists so basically they had no clue what they are writing about. The best part is meeting this guy and feeling like he know me and I know him well enough to call or email and clarify meanings and procedures.

Michael had a concert tonight and it was pretty wonderful and I am feeling good. I've been fighting this headache off and on for around a week now. I woke this morning at about 4:30 and it was back horribly. I took three Excedrine and went back to bed and it felt better when I woke up. It's still kind of nagging me, but I am okay.

I had to miss "Glee" tonight for Michael's concert. Yay for I will watch it soon.


Erin S. said...

Thanks for posting that Hope, for Vicki. She is truly an amazing person...

ems615872002 said...

I thought you thought people who had a lot of children were irresponsible!