Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tonight's List

started out:
and then continued.

I am actually still working on the bakebakebake! I am trying to decide if I need to go to the store and get more butter and do some more. When we did Luna Fest in March I took about 300 sample-size cookies and ended up with a TON leftover. We were stuck way back in a corner and hard to find. At Farmer's Market there are no hard to find corners! I have made eight loaves of the Tuscan Spice Bread tonight and four batches of cookies. The first batch of cookies was BAD. I am tempted to absolutely throw them away! I think I will send them to Bike Project instead. Some of those kids don't get enough food, let alone homemade treats, even if the treats are not as pretty as I would like (they spread out too much) they still taste good! I would like to bake a dozen "real size" cookies also, to display what I really will be selling. I thought of taking my three tiered server and having one plate of a whole loaf of foccacia bread, one plate of normal c chip cookies and one plate of some other kind of cookies, just for display. I am still not sure what I am doing...

I am starting to feel like a store run is going to happen. I just popped the last batch of mini cookies in the oven. I still need to bake some big cookies, cut the bread into pieces, package everything, make sure my signs are ready, Feed the Fishies and take a shower! I think tomorrow afternoon I plan to sleep.

I may have done the ultimate of evils today and joined Sam's club. You know what... I paid $6.00 for a 4 oz. jar of yeast at Kroger the other day and I paid $4.00 for two POUNDS of yeast today. I have probably already saved my membership fee. One thing they didn't have, however, was whole wheat flour. AND I bought a bag of Kroger brand whole wheat flour today and decided that the Hodson Mill is much, much better. It is not as finely ground as the Kroger brand. If I am going to use whole wheat flour in my cookies and breads I want that grainy texture that kind of declares, "Hey! I am a cookie, but I have some really good, real food inside!"
So store brand flour will not be a place for me to save money in the future. Up go the production costs! Probably time to take a batch out.... yep. I fed the fishies too. They are happy. It's a very late dinner for them!

Well, I am going to get some shoes on and find a sweatshirt to hide my braless boobies while I go to the store. I will report back tomorrow if I regain consciousness after the Market.

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