Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tonight's bread...

But first, karaoke pictures! Heather - I love how the Budweiser frog is perched on her head.
Some random guy at the Office Lounge - no clue why we even took his picture!
See how wild I am with my Diet Coke!
An unnamed Hoosier fan, after they actually WON a football game.
Eric - the guy I worked with 20 years ago when I first started in banking and then met up again last year. He's a little younger and a little more wild than I am.
Ben and Michael at cello tonight. Ben doesn't look as pretty in this picture as he does in real life. You should go to his MySpace page to see some better pictures!

is Tuscan Spice foccacia subbing olive oil for the butter. I thought that would make it vegan, but then I realized the prepared spice mixture I am using has Romano and Parmesan cheeses in it. If the olive oil works well I will make my own spice mixture minus the cheeses so there can be a vegan version. It's on the first rise right now.

Michael LOVES the bread I made last night. I think it is a little too spicy, but he always likes things with more "heat" than I do. I love it too. I came home at lunch time just to look for something and couldn't stop eating little pieces of it. I meant to take some to Beautiful Ben at cello lesson tonight and forgot. So much for impressing him with my culinary skills.

I video taped Michael and Ben playing Michael's composition at the lesson tonight. It's pretty cool, but I am not authorized to internet it per Michael. I can't ever get a video to post on here anyway so he doesn't really have to worry!

I WILL post a picture as a compromise.

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J & L said...

Your bread sounds delicious and gourmet. I love your picture. The bangs look great.