Monday, October 5, 2009


Twisty is HILARIOUS today! I probably would have thrown up and then passed out! As much as I adore spiders, Centipedes are my ENEMIES!

I had a GREAT business meeting tonight. Joy and I met with Jeff Mease, the founder of One World Enterprises. He is prepared to let us use the "commissary" kitchen for a VERY small fee, and let us have storage space for our ingredients and equipment, which in Indiana must be solely for the use of commercial cooking and kept on the premises of a licensed facility. We have some more hoops to jump through for the state, but reality is becoming terrifyingly close for Hope's Homemades. All of Bloomington Kitchen Incubator will have a tasting table in conjunction with Bloomingfoods at the final Farmer's Market October 24. Those who are ready and able to produce can sell at the "Holiday Market" on the final Saturday of November. I plan to have samples of pumpkin bread in the form of mini-muffins and cookies. I will take orders for cookies, pumpkin bread and banana bread, I think. Jeff has sheet pans I can use for the cookies so I will have to buy muffin pans and loaf pans. It's exciting as hell and frightening as hell, too. I have kind of decided right now I will only sell for custom orders and to Rachael's, probably. That puts me at baking only once a week. Cheesecakes will be on hold, ironically, until I have an appropriate and approved delivery system for goods that require refrigeration.

I haven't talked to Mom today. After our meeting and then my and Joy's meeting about our meeting I came home and promptly fell asleep until about 9:30. Now I am working on the usual household stuff and hoping for bed by midnight. I was so tired at work today I took my lunch at 10:30 and went out and slept in the car. It was either that or not make it through the day. The past week and a half has been completely emotionally and physically draining. I did send in some of the paperwork and make a couple of phone calls in Mom and Dad's behalf toward completion of the Medicaid application, so every little bit gets us closer. I should try and call Heather. I know she will be up and she is better at keeping in touch with Mom so if she talks to her tomorrow she can tell her what I have done. I also talked to the RS President about helping Mom go in and sort out some of the stuff she needs to weed down to make the house more livable. I hope Mom will let her do it.

I have Thursday off work and I am going to go to the Restaurant supply store and price the equipment I need. I also want to get professional style aprons and embroider them. It's going to be just too funny to have "Hope" and "Joy" above the names of our businesses. Am I cheesy or what? I hope I have time to get them done!


Quilt or Dye said...

OMG! Hope, this is fabulous! I am so excited for you that you are turning a dream into reality!

Erin S. said...

I am uber excited for you!!! I know cooking is your I am just all smiles. Cooking would be my passion if I only had to make Thanksgiving dinner and Chrsitmas cookies all year round. :)

Hope & Joy is not cheesy, not at all. I love it. I can't wait to order stuff from you. ;-)