Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shameful Addiction.

"Glee." New show on Fox... sigh. I haven't really been watching TV lately at all. I'm over John and Kate Plus Eight. I keep forgetting Biggest Loser, even though I like it. ER is gone forever. I don't know what happened to Clinton and Stacy - did they get canceled? People at work kept talking about Glee and FB friends posted videos of some of the musical numbers and I LOVE a good production number. I went to Hulu and have watched every episode except episode one, which had already been removed. Now I am all caught up and at least I won't have to waste hours each night watching, just one little hour per week.

Another evil thing just happened, however. I discovered that Hulu has most of the first five seasons of Lost. A couple of years ago when I was SO sick I watched the first two seasons and really loved it. Now I want to get caught up on it! I will have to limit myself and exercise self-discipline. No marathons that last until 4am.

Here is a good thing. Three nights in a row of intentional movement. 20 minutes on Wednesday, 10 on Thursday, 10 so far tonight with a goal for another 10, and now that I have told you I will be sure to do it! I've got to keep my metabolism revved up and high protein and movement are the way to do it!

I am broke right now. I spent too much money on THINGS for the living room. I think I was in a kind of financial denial because the liability insurance for the business seemed so overwhelming. Well, duh... let's see, how do we comfort ourselves that we will have trouble affording something necessary? Ummmm.... let's go shopping!! At least I didn't eat AND shop, although I have bought a lot of groceries in the past week! That's all healthy stuff, though. I won't have enough gas money to go to Lafayette to visit Mom and Dad this weekend. Heather might come down tomorrow. If we can work out a way to combine resources and schedules and drive one car, maybe we can go on Sunday, but she usually has church duties. We'll just have to see.

I cleaned out the fish tank tonight and I am psychologically more comfortable. The last time I did it I put each fish in the wrong side. It bothered me - not enough to change it, see I don't need medication - but enough that I am happier now! "Everything in its place" includes fishies for me, apparently!

Well, must go. I have a couple more things on my list, including that additional ten minutes. I've been rockin' to Aerosmith this week while I move, so get ready guys, here I come!

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