Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dad, Work, Home

Dad finally ate some food today. I didn't go up. When Mom called this morning she kept asking him if he wanted me, if he would eat if I fed him, etc... he didn't really answer. So I stayed at work. When Mom had called me she seemed distressed (Well, duh) and said her blood sugar had been low, but that she had some hot chocolate to fix it. The problem is when she does that, she doesn't follow up with a protein or longer lasting food and then crashes again. I called my cousin Jennie and asked her if she could go see Mom and make sure she ate some protein. Jennie couldn't get over there, but she called her and made her check her sugar again and it was low so Jennie REALLY told her to go get something to eat. Mom went to Wendy's and ate a chicken sandwich and felt better and sounded better after that. Tonight she even told me a second (or maybe third) time that she went to Wendy's and had one of those grilled chicken sandwiches to prove she is eating well.

They are having insurance troubles... the insurance they bought doesn't cover initial admission charges into the nursing homes and the nursing homes want deposits close to $3000, which non of us have. Mom tried to call the insurance company today and they said they can't change anything until the next "enrollment period" which is November 15. Mom was extremely upset about it. She told me several times she went so far as to tell the lady that she was "full of crap," pretty strong language for Mom! Heather is going with Mom tomorrow to an appt for application to Medicaid. Maybe if they get it approved quickly we can get the transfer made. It is all so frustrating. I am staying here and going into work to get things done. Heather will call me after the appointment and let me know if she has the tools and energy to deal with the insurance company. If she doesn't I will leave work and hustle up there to see if I can help. I am also planning on taking rubber gloves, cleaners and nasty clothes to wear to work extremely hard on the bathroom and the kitchen. I don't know how long I will stay this weekend. I'd sure like to get a day at home, but it may not happen. I think if I can get at least their bathroom done I will feel really good about that. The kitchen feels too overwhelming right now, I think. I may also go back into Dad's room and re-do what was done before. I don't really think there is a chance he can get home care, but if it should happen there will need to be room for a hospital bed and all that.

Their furnace isn't lit, and Chris was supposed to go over tonight and see if he could get it started. The gas company extinguished the pilot when they went to fix the gas leak, but they won't go relight it even though they put it out. Assholes.

Work - I realized tonight that the day of the auction of the Rothmuller artifacts I am supposed to go to a Kitchen Incubator meeting. I am torn.... I could put in a bid ahead with Mike that's above the $10 I originally told him, but I haven't even seen the stuff or anything and don't even know when I will be coming back to town. Katie said she would go with me, and maybe she would go and bid for me too, if someone else wants it. I featured it heavily in the advertising because I think it's a treasure and it IS my job to help Mike make as much money as possible with his sales....I just don't want too much of it to be my money! I may email the other Kitchen people and see if there is another night we can meet, but that's kind of a selfish thing to do... or use my family situation as an excuse and not go, even if I am back in town, but that's lying and I generally don't ken to that. Torn, moral dilemma. Of course everything is contingent on the dad situation for real, anyway. Who know what I will be doing on Tuesday.

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