Sunday, October 4, 2009

Don't look if bruises gross you out!

Dad's arm where it hit the stairs. Under the gauzy wrap is more bruising, just horrible. I am so glad he didn't break this arm. It sure looks like it came close. The nurse at the nursing home who did his initial examination said he back also has severe bruises and "Shirred" skin wounds, that she can tell he slid down the stairs on his back. I haven't seen it, but I bet it is similar to this only larger. When they would move him in bed is when he would really hurt and groan and express the pain, and I felt like I could tell it was his back and shoulder that hurt so badly.
My current bruise looks so pitiful, relatively speaking. I did this one of the nights last week when I moved furniture and didn't even realize it until the next day, when it was deeply bruised and even swollen! I carried Aunt Mary Lou's sewing machine twice and it is extremely heavy. I had to hold the heavy part up against my chest to even be able to do it. I think the edge of it pressed into my skin so deeply that it is was made those bruise. From now on Michael is going to have to move it if it moves again!


Erin S. said...

THe one thing I am learning is that everything looks worse on a geriatric patient. So the contusions and lacerations your dad probably has just look worse than they would on a younger body. He'll also need a bit more time to heal. I wish I lived closer...I'd help you w/ all this stuff going on. I know it's rough for you.

You're in my thoughts.

KAT said...

I think I'd have rather seen a picture of his face, or at least one added in. I'm glad that he's getting settled into the nursing home. I really hope he gets good care there. I'm also glad to hear about all of the work you and Heather are doing to clean up and help Grandma out. I hope life calms down for you soon.