Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Smells good!

I am making more Focaccia bread. This time I kneaded chopped garlic into the dough. I also used a little less salt for the sprinkling on top. I thought it was pretty salty and I LOVE salt! It took more flour - I think because the garlic added more moisture. I hope it still bakes up nicely. Amber, I think you should try some and add some of your roasted tomatoes! I think that would be really colorful and tasty! I love colorful food as much as a colorful home, and colorful clothes, and colorful stationery and colorful, well everything!

I bought one more shelf for the living room yesterday. Michael started putting it together tonight and I just finished it and arranged. Earlier tonight I said, "Now no more buying anything for the living room!" now I realize I really would like a different chair in there... I am going to watch for a $5 chair! I ended up spending more on the build-it-yourself, cheap shelves from Target than I did on the sofa and REAL table/bench!

I have no clue if I am going to sleep at all tonight.... I got a sudden headache about 3:30 - 4:00 and tried to sleep it off after dinner, but ended up taking Excedrine AND Mucinex, because I think it's sinus. It got so cold so fast, then rained for five days, and all the pressure changes are really getting to all of us who are headache sufferers!

I feel strangely happy all the time lately, even though my house has been messy for weeks, Mom and Dad are having so much trouble, I am broke and can't afford the liability insurance for my business, I got a speeding ticket over the weekend....I don't know whence the happiness cometh. Maybe I am just in denial. I DID have a grumpy moment yesterday. I took a long lunch because I knew if I went back to work it would be dangerous for my job or my coworkers. I am lucky that I have the flexibility to do that. Even though we have to clock in now we still have a lot of freedom compared to retail or factory life. I am grateful for that!

Maybe the happiness is coming from the little things, finishing the record clock, baking the new kind of bread, new shelves, whatever.... I'll take it!

I'm still worried about Michael. We talked and I didn't make him drop an activity, but he only gets to do one thing per night, and nothing if there is a heavy study load. For example, if he goes to Science Olympiad, then no Bike Project that night... He told me tonight that he is still feeling crappy, though. I DID say no to a trip to Washington D.C. this week to a solar expo, and that was hard to do. I like him to do these things, but I just knew it would be too much. I also feel like the teacher had too high of expectations of what they would do on this trip, even though she has done it before, I just remember how the way home from S.O. Nationals turned into a trip from hell because the teachers were determined we would drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway and picnic at this certain place and it was way beyond what should have been planned. The way he is feeling I may end up with him having to drop something anyway. I wish he did something that was foolish and would be easy to say, " _____ has to go." The problem is that everything he does is so WORTHY of time! Sigh...

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