Monday, November 7, 2011


As far as sleep, last night was a loser! I guess that tonight I just hope to get back to the six or seven hours I had for a few nights in a row before last night. The strange part was that I started to bed early, well before 10:00, and still ended up not actually getting into bed until just about 12:00. Maybe it has to do with the time change, but I don't really think so. I don't think an hour has ever been enough to throw me off. I wonder if I am more sensitive to it this year because my sleep has been so much more disturbed then ever.

I went to Christine tonight. Frighteningly, (key word in my life...) I feel like the EFT helped tonight. It almost scares me to say that because then I will have top make some kind of commitment to getting better and I will just fuck it up all over again. I guess here's to one more fresh start!?

Tonight I plan to look at my vision board some more. I will think not just that I want to be all those dreams, ideas and notions, but that I already am those dreams, ideas, and notions. What I need to figure out is how to manifest those things in a way that satisfies my emotional, physical, mental and spiritual needs to my satisfaction and is motivated by love and not guilt. Way deep here for just before bedtime.

I feel guilty (Argh. Urgh.) that I didn't bake a cheesecake to take to Scrabble tomorrow. YOU know what? If I had done it instead of resting I would have stayed up too late and not even been able to enjoy Scrabble time anyway! It's important that I go wide awake, feeling good, and happy. I will be more fun and SMARTER that way.

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