Saturday, November 26, 2011

Friday post.

It will be short, because I am going to bed very soon. I did make it downtown. I heated up a lot of the leftovers from Thanksgiving and took them to share. I don't need all those carbs around the house. Michael and I ate a little bit then we walked down to the square - we arrived after the lights were lit. Oops. We walked around and said hi to a few people. We went to Fountain Square Mall and looked in The Game Preserve (I think the game I've been trying to remember is "Mindtrap - must remember to Google"), we went to Caveat Emptor and I spoke with Mr. Starcs about the possible value of my books from Prof. Rothmuller's estate. He wants me to bring them in probably after the holidays. We went back down to the Occupation and hung out. It was low key and relaxing and it was a beautiful night. My body and spirit felt good to spend three hours outside. I'm very grateful for that.

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