Thursday, November 17, 2011


I called Michael tonight because I was still in town after my massage. I wanted to see if he might like to hang out at Player's Pub with me and I would feed him some yummy food. He has lost about five non-affordable pounds and that makes me worry. When he answered I asked, "What's up?" and he replied "I'm facilitating a very contentious GA." (GA = Occupy Bloomington General Assembly). I started reading on the OB Facebook page a little bit ago and they are falling apart a little bit. There has become some division between the long-time occupants of the park and the Occupants. I've worried a lot about that the entire time, but tried to give everybody a fair chance. One staunch Occupant, a leader (even though they are supposed to have a "horizontal" structure) has already called it quits. I hope if it is getting rough that Michael comes home quickly. I don't want hm to be a quitter, but I don't want him to endanger his health, his scholarships, his anything. He may need to learn that little actions can be meaningful in addition or maybe even instead of a group action. That said, I am grateful that he has had his time there to feel a part of an exceptional, strong-believing community. I know he has learned a lot - I mean MY GOD! He was FACILITATING A MEETING! I am glad I went to Player's Pub to hear Maryll sing, but I wish I would have jumped on the internet sooner so it wouldn't have been too late to call Michael and check in.

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