Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanks, Kim.

I did give myself permission last night to not hold myself to any standard at all. Unfortunately it came AFTER I had a freak out and "yelled" at Emily on Facebook, then left a screaming crying message on her voice mail. I still haven't really spoken to her in voice yet - only online. I need to make sure I am not so psycho anymore.

I think I am so psycho because I just haven't seen Emily for so long and she also used to call me at least once a week maybe more, while she walked home from work. Now she has a car and drives to work. I miss our talks, but I can't get my head wrapped around calling her while I am at work, then by the end of the day I am so tired of talking on the phone that I don't do it.

Also with Michael Occupying Bloomington, there is not just the missing him factor there is a worry factor. When he lived in the dorm last year I missed him and I worried about his depression. This year I am worried that he is not getting enough food and I am worried about him getting arrested and I am worried about his safety. So far Mark the Mayor has said it is okay for them to live in the park as long as they are peaceful. He has even okayed that they rent port-a-potties and put them in the park. After seeing that footage of the U.C. Davis cops spraying the kids last night I was just sick. That is why I have decided to stay off Facebook until at least the end of the week this week. I jump on for about a minute at a time and make sure there are no messages and that is it.

It's a little bit strange to live mostly without Facebook. I have become so used to using it as a communication device and also just to post my thoughts. For example today as I was watching The Office I was thinking of Michael Scott and how he is one of the best examples of a well-written "Lovable Buffoon" character and how there are some examples of how he is consciously using the buffoonery as a management tool, yet other examples of how he is truly an innocent... If I can't get a thesis out of Buffy, maybe Michael Scott can be my subject.

That is all.

I am grateful for the electric roaster Mom and Dad gave me several years ago that I hated at the time. Now I have found it is a fantastic cooker of beans. I've made refried beans in there then frozen them. Last night and tonight I cooked four pounds of white beans and made a fantastic pot of beans, then made a double batch of corn muffins. It was dinner for a lot of people! I think next I am going to try to make a big load of baked potatoes, then serve them with different toppings and stuff. I love my electric roaster that I said I would never use!

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