Saturday, November 26, 2011


I was just reading the blog/site "My Aspergers Child" about tips for peaceful (not hell) shopping with your Aspergers Child. I caught myself thinking "This just sounds like common sense tips every parent should use with every child." Then I realized.. no, I NEVER had to do any of that stuff with Emily. I know Emily was exceptionally opposite an Aspergers Child and that there is an in-between between Michael and Emily, (BUT and it's a big BUT) the fact that they are four and a half years apart and that Michael's needs became in my view the "norm" for parenting and LIVING demonstrates the truth to Emily's frequent assertion that I loved Michael more. I really didn't love him more, but yes, I really did have to love him differently - that was the only way to keep our lives from being a living hell. I am glad that even though I had no helpful diagnosis, somehow I was able to see what his needs were and provide the routine and stability that helped him. I still hate to take him shopping, though.

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