Sunday, November 6, 2011

Now it's still Saturday!

I went to Nashville to meet Kim C. and a couple of her friends for lunch. I'm not much of a recreational shopper, but I stuck around for a couple of hours and shopped too. I even actually purchased something - a pair of earrings and a flying pig "stone" - whimsical...

I went down to the Occupation and sat in on the end of a discussion session and knitted while I listened. Michael came home with me to eat and do laundry and we watched an episode of "Buffy" together (except I napped). Last night I had gone down and taken dinner to the Occupants. One of the previously homeless drunks talked to me and Michael. He kept showing me his heart tattoo and said several times, "My heart beats for you." I was a little bit stressed by his insistence at talking to me and asked Michael to "protect" me from the drunks - mostly from discomfort, psychologically - I had nothing to fear physically. The drunk (Don) went to bed and died in his sleep overnight. I feel a little bit freaked out about it and a little bit grateful that I probably made his last meal that didn't come out of a bottle. I hope he died peacefully.

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