Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Title lacking!

Sinus headache today - I had to take Sudafed. Therefore I slept on my lunch hour and slept a little when I returned home. I didn't get home until after 8:00. Michael and I went to the Memorial Service for Don Swank this evening. It was a nice service. This church hosts a shelter in the summertime so the Pastor knew Don and it was a pretty personal service. I like the idea of that church and I am thinking of volunteering at their shelter next summer.

I went downtown in between work and the service and took Michael out to dinner. I am so glad I have a good relationship with my children. Emily actually sounded kind of wistful a couple of days ago when she said, "I want you to come visit me." We're working on it! Today's MeYou Health challenge was to pay somebody a genuine compliment. I had looked at the challenge earlier today, but I wasn't really thinking of it when I told Michael he's a good boy. When I looked at it again tonight I was really happy that I am able to say nice things to my children and that they truly are wonderful people!

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