Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Very strange.

I told Deb Ochs about three weeks ago I would make buttermilk pie for her. We were talking about her grandma, who had given me a Christmas tree that I used for several years when Emily was a baby. Deb said one of the best memories of her grandma was of her buttermilk pie. So I said I'd make one, researched recipes, bought buttermilk about a week ago and still didn't make it. Finally tonight after Scrabble club I made two of the pies. After I put them in the oven I texted Deb. She called me back and told me her grandma died today.

Today I am thankful for synchronicity, for Scrabble Club, for smart and funny people who like to play Scrabble and for kind people in the world. With the violence in the world it is easy to be sad, then something wonderful will happen and I get a little faith restored.

I'm going to La Boheme Friday night. I think that will make it the opera I have seen the most time. I know that will be at least three and maybe four times.

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