Thursday, November 10, 2011

I don't know what to post tonight.

I am so grateful for music. It is a link between people. Right now it is a link with history. One of my friends found a recording of the opera singer of whose stuff I purchased a lot of to keep it from being destroyed. I've had the items for a couple of years and I am deciding what to do, keep/sell ??? I mailed a couple of the books to a friend today. I have some very personal items in addition to books, sheet music, playbills and such. Listening to this recording makes it all seem more real.

Tonight I watched Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" I love it so much. I never thought I would like her because when she first started being played on the radio it seemed like she was just a teenybopper pop star who wore a lot of makeup. After I actually listened to a song and realized what an incredible vocalist she is I was blown away. I still don't know a lot of her music because my radio station doesn't play it. I need to make an effort to listen to more of it.


Emily said...

Don't worry, most of her music isn't worth listening to.

Hope said...