Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Super glad

I am so grateful I hired the Hoosier Disposal to do my trash. They also pick up the recycling. My garage was OUT OF CONTROL. After only two weeks I am going to be able to get my car in the garage before it gets really cold or snows. Very few trips to the dump now, because the only thing they don't take is glass. I have guys who come pick up my metal to scrap it so that will be taken care of easily (Hoosier would take it, but I'd rather help these guys make money.) I feel a little bit badly about leaving my local guy to go to a national company. When I called to cancel John, I talked to the girl and told her the minute they take recycling to call me and I would go back. She said they are working on it.

I was so exhausted at the end of the work day today I had to come home and sleep. I've also slept off and on through the evening. After I woke up from the first rest I made a pot of chili and took it downtown and also picked up Michael. He came home and met with a bass player and they played together. I guess Michael is back to auditioning for his progressive metal band. This guy was pretty good and they played for over two hours. I slept periodically and watched The Office episodes on Netflix. I might take some Benedryl and watch another episode while it kicks in, then I will head to bed.

and... WOOT! Emily is off work the weekend of December 3 & 4 so Michael and I are heading to the land up north to go visit. I can't wait.

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