Thursday, November 3, 2011

Through a fly's eyes...

I've been looking at my vision board each night before I sleep, trying to harvest some positive affirmations as I doze off and trying to ward away nightmares. A couple of nights ago the phrase "Living Light" leaped into my mind. When I cut it out and posted it on my board I considered the phrase as a synonym to "sustainable living" - making choices that build a lifestyle that uses resources wisely, the resources of the earth, my financial resources, preserving my material goods, using them wisely and sharing them as able. I've realized over the past couple of days that I can interpret that phrase a few different ways:

I am trying to Live Lightly in regards to my physical health, eating with portion control, using whole foods as close to their natural state as possible, taking fewer medications, using natural wholistic healing methods. I am literally trying to become a lighter person, to reduce my mass so that I reduce my pain and am more physically able.

I am trying to develop my spirituality, to embrace the light within myself and discover the source thereof. I want to become comfortable with whatever power that is and be able to use it for personal growth, to enrich my own life and to empower me to enrich the lives of others.

I want to be in a spotlight. I want to develop my talents in music, acting, reading, writing, in ways of performing and assisting others as they perform. I was recently reminded of the joy of doing makeup, costume, sets in the drama world and realize I want to be a part of that life again.

I need to be in the sunlight. I need to be outside. I need to walk, ride and bask in the living sunlight and enjoys nature's gifts.

I want to "lighten up" - to view life with humor and optimism and hope. I want to get out of my funk and share joy, yea verily, to emanate peace from my very heart!

I can be the "Living Light" to myself and to others. The light will rise from within and my eyes will glow - just like "Children of the Corn." (just kidding on that one)

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