Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mimi died.

As usual. It was a beautiful death. I wonder if the singers have special lessons on how to sing while lying down... La Traviata has one of the most beautiful death solos... if I recall correctly it is also quite long. I remember thinking (even though it was beautiful) "just DIE already!" Tonight I was inwardly patient with Mimi's death, but my restless and painful legs were twitching and jerking from a long day at the office and then sitting some more. I stood and walked a little or did calf raises during intermissions but I was definitely reminded why I don't usually like to go out or do anything on Fridays.

I am so glad to live in this town where I can see professional quality operas and concerts - about a fifteen minute drive and about thirty dollars. I wonder how much a ticket to the Met costs.

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