Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Surely Shirley!

I've been tracking my food intake, exercise, and weight on My Fitness Pal for almost a month. I usually go over my calories. I've lost 2.8 pounds. I need to exercise more often. My duration is good when I do it, but so far I only do it when I have my class, which is three days a week. Also the past two weeks I've missed one of those days. Last week it was a motivation problem crossed with way freezing temps and this week was helping my sick younger offspring get meds and stuff. I think my goal for the next thirty days need to be: cut my sweet snacks because that is what makes my calories go over, and I need to add at least one more day to my exercise, even if it is just doing my yoga video. My weight today was 200.2. Surely, Surely, Shirley, I can get down to 195 in the next month, right?!

I will be getting a couple of roommates soon, at least for awhile. A man named Erik (I don't know if he has a k, but I like it!) and his son Eli, will be moving in sometime in the next few days. They need to have a space with two full bedrooms so Erik can file an emergency custody change to get Eli with him full time. He has the "crazy ex" thing going on and needs to get Eli out of the bad situation. Erik came over today while I was home sick with a migraine/sinus ouchy headache. We looked at the family room aka the purple room formerly known as Emily's room to see what needs to be done to it to make it an acceptable little boy bedroom. Erik will have to do most of the work because I will be at work and exercising and I have some baking to do in the next few days also. Probably as soon as Monday CPS will come over to make sure there is a good, safe space for Eli. It's a good weekend that I am not going to go visit Carmel. I am a little bit wary because I am enjoying living alone so much. I recall, however, that one of the things I thought about getting a house is that I will share my space with others who need it. The past few times have tended to be the crazy part of the equation. I'm glad this time I am housing the other side of the coin with a  "pretty chill" (Michael quote) guy.

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