Thursday, January 17, 2013


Dinner for 6 (became 5, someone was ill) is accomplished. I joined UU Fellowship Dinners group. A coordinator mixes different people and asks if you can host. This was my first one, and I was asked to host! I bought a couple of really nice chickens at our real local butcher and roasted them with rosemary and thyme from the garden and sage from the little Farmer's Market. I made a really pretty winter table setting - I took photos, of course. The rest of the dinner was pitch-in. We had salad, mashed potatoes (and I whipped up a quick gravy), bread and lime coconut cake. I don't usually like lime, but the cake was pretty good.  I had Barb Lund, a wonderful potter, Elof and Nedra Carlson, and Linda Pickle, her husband Charlie was the sicko. I had met Barb before, buying a piece from her, but that is all. I met Elof because he is the organizer of the book club that I never attend, but sometimes read the books.

I love that the table cloth and the ribbon have snowflakes on them. I used the clear dishes just because they look so good. 

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