Monday, January 14, 2013

Devoted, I am!

Devoted enough to get back out of my warm bed to come write. Maybe if I were truly devoted I wouldn't have forgotten in the first place.

I do want to mention at least briefly that I had nightmares again last night. It was a long nightmare about terrible floods. We lived in Terre Haute and we were driving and saw the storm coming that blew down a water tower and was crashing into buildings.... there was a whole lot of really complicated stuff with houses and characters and story lines. The main thing was I got separated from Michael and I awakened right after I found him. He was helping with storm recovery, only he was helping a Boy Scout Troop and not the revolutionary forces like he would be in real life.

I'm pretty sure it is based somewhat on the actual flooding here, especially because of the flooded basement over the weekend. Also Michael is in a big change period and I worry about him. I worry a lot about bi-polar surfacing in a negative way when he is in big changes or stress. So far, even though he admits he has it, and claims to have been on the verge of something big, nothing big has ever happened. Also I have had recurring dreams about him drowning or being lost is murky water. This cream wasn't surprising, in that sense. It's length and complicated plots and huge number of characters, however is new. Maybe it's just because his life is different than ever before. He has his own group of friends and associates and it is really different from the socially awkward person he was. Michael would resent all my use of the masculine pronouns here. They prefer for me to use the non-gendered plural, but it is really hard for me!

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