Friday, January 4, 2013

R & R weekend.

Gaining weight but eating healthy? Maybe it's stress.

If you felt stressed over the holidays, you may need a low key day of R & R. When you're in "fight or flight" mode (rushing to work, not getting enough quality sleep, letting the small stuff get to you, etc) your body increases the amount of adrenaline and cortisol released. This can - and usually does - lead to weight gain, often times in the belly.

If this sounds familiar, here are a few things you can do to get into "rest and digest" mode, which will help promote weight loss:

*Cut back on caffeine (one cup of Joe can elevate cortisol by 30%!)
*Sleep more, or if possible, take a nap a couple times a week
*Spend some time in a steam room, sauna or bath taking 10 DEEEEEEP breaths
*Eat a little more protein and a little less carbohydrate (you don't need more sugar)

...more tips coming on my blog soon!

I had already decided that I need to stay home from Lisa's and stay home from helping Mom in the apartment and this reenforced the correctness of my decision. 

I am terribly afraid the girlies will learn to walk this weekend and I will miss it, but that's life when you live 90 miles away!  

I did go shopping after work and bought yarn. I have been on a knitting kick this week already with 5 newborn hats already complete. I might make my annual goal of ten by this weekend. The next one I start will be at least regular baby size, though, and they take longer. Newborn hats just don't fit very long. I bought my yarn at Michael's instead of Walmart, and it costs just over a dollar more per skein. I'm not sure if my conscience feels $5 better, plus tax worth.  Think, if I had $5 more I could make a couple of more hats for the same money, which I usually give away to people who need them. Hmmm...

I plan to clean house on my own terms, watch  lot of "Heroes" on Netflix, nap whenever I want, and eat lots of yummy home cooked meals. I will return and report through the weekend.

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