Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lord, I was born a Travelin' Maa-aan

but I didn't learn how to log into my blog away from home first! Often when I have blogged daily if I traveled I either blogged on paper (aka journaling) or found another method. I thought I would borrow Lisa's laptop and blog, but I couldn't remember my password to log in on another computer!

So here's a summary:

Friday: I arrived at Lisa and John's late, after they had gone to bed. I was pleasantly surprised to find a gift on my pillow. Lisa had a key to the house made for me! I felt so loved and welcome. That way I can get in easily when I arrive late and she explained that I am welcome to stay also when they are out of town or anything. Carmel is a nice city, but there was a series of burglaries last year, so it is better to keep the house locked up.

After my water class I swam 200 meters. It's really very little swimming, but honestly the water aerobics, and resistance exercises are really rough! I also spoke to the instructor and another class member in the locker room after class and found that this is a long-term, ongoing class and they also try to go out to dinner once in a while to get a chance to talk and know each other. It makes me happy to know I have found another place to build community.


Day without leaving the 116th street haven. Ahhh! Stayed home and played with babies. John brought home Chinese take-away for lunch when he got off work. Chloe walked 22 steps and Lisa got the last half of it on video. Zoe walks around on her knees. It's funny. Fed them, played with them, cleaned up after them, knitted, and after the babies went to bed I watched my first episode of "Modern family." Liked it all.

Last night was a horrible rainstorm. I had nightmares through the night and slept in fits and starts. I had a dream that would start back up again every time I went back to sleep in which my brother Chris was molesting a four year old girl and I was trying to save her, but I was still terrified of him.  It was epic and involved things like living in a trailer, trying to accomplish certain tasks and failing and fear and blech! As I was up and down in the night I logged onto Facebook on the Kindle and saw that Charis and Stephanie's house had flooded. I was able to tell them to come here to get fans to help it dry out and offered to them to stay here if they needed. They did come get the fans at about 4:00 am, but were able to still sleep in their upstairs.

Today I stayed until the babies went down for morning nap and then met Heather and Ian after they got out of church. We drove up to Lafayette and visited Dad in the nursing home. He is MUCH better than he was two weeks ago. He told us he is ready to go to the Veteran's Home so he will be closer to Mom. We went to go get her to take her to lunch and then planned to go back to the apartment and work on organizing it some more and to help her find the papers for the veteran's home admission. While we were eating lunch it started raining ice. Sigh. So we just took Mom back to the apartment and got on the road. I am a nervous passenger, anyway, still have PTSD from the car wreck in High School (Lisa is my car wreck buddy, how's that for back story?). I had some homeopathic nerve tonic in my bag, so popped some of that and then went to sleep. When we arrived in Indy I awakened and the ice storm was over and the streets were merely WET. I was still able to go to Trader Joe's and shop and then went home. At TJ's I couldn't find my debit card and the young cashier said, "Oh, my mom does that all the time." I just looked at him and said, "Oh my God. I'm just like somebody's mother." Even though he's the same age as my children, early 20s, I feel like it's sad that he recognizes me as that old!

So then I took some of the food over to Michael at Ghosthouse and visited him. He's been sick for several days and had in fact, called me earlier today and asked me to take him to the doctor. It might be just his annual, get sick, go to the doctor, pay $200 for tests, and be told for him to eat more calories and try to get more sunlight. I got a start on the more calorie thing...

Now I need to get started. One bad thing about going to Carmel on weekends that I come back and still need to do laundry and stuff to be ready for the week to start. Now I also need to be sure to have my lunch and gym bag packed to prevent eating out and to ensure class attendance. Gotta be organized because NO EXCUSES!

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