Friday, January 18, 2013

Pot Poory

So tonight at the Y I caught myself trying to check surreptitiously and see if women shave or wax their pubes. I'm old school, I guess. I just can't figure out why and how. One woman was totally smooth, probably waxed. I really think it makes one look like a child, which then seems kind of icky to me. I think I can understand if one is Muslim or something and it's considered unclean, but, yeah, no, I don't think I'll ever go for that.

Tonight I did my class and them swam 500 meters. Once I'm swimming I'm so happy, but I have to play mind games to make it happen. When I was walking out of work today I almost threw up, just some kind of spasmic accident. I thought, oh good. I can just go home and crawl into bed, really, I'm sick! Then I had to talk myself out of it... like no, I haven't been nauseous like I was when I was sick, it was just a throat spasm, yes, you need to go swim, no you can't miss a class because it will be too hard to go back, these women fought to have this class be on Friday night, you have to show you are a part of that dynamic who will attend.... etc. Then when it was the end of class and I had my pool noodle (best date I've had for a while!) I didn't want to get out to put it away because I was afraid once I got out I wouldn't swim laps, then I remembered I still had earrings in and really I should take them out and set them on the window ledge, but I told myself swimming these laps is more important than protecting a million dollar pool filter! Don't get out! And I didn't. And I swam. And they stayed in. and I survived, and I'm tired, but not sickly, and I rock. Then end.

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