Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Good night.

in both ways - that I've had a good night, and that I will be going to bed soon!

I made a yummy potato salad tonight and I posted it as my first recipe on "Just a pinch" I've posted photos on there when I have made other peoples' recipes, but I don't give away baking recipes, don't usually use cooking recipes, but decided when I made this to try to measure so I could figure the nutrition. I think it's really good! and healthy! and easy to make! Yay Me!

I will try to remember to post a link to it tomorrow. Nah - wait, here it is!

I planned to post a photo, but I suddenly can't find my camera cable. Humph! Well Gillian returned the one I had loaned her today. I will bring it home from work tomorrow and post my photos.

Water class again tomorrow so I need to go pack my bag - no excuses!


Ken Spaulding said...

I'm glad you are posting again on a (nearly) daily basis. it's nice to keep in touch with you...and a but of a relief when you kick my butt in words with friends...

Hope said...