Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's yesterday, really!

Meaning, yep it's after midnight, but I have neither blogged nor gone to bed yet.

Whew! I went up to Carmel Friday night after the YMCA. It was mahvelous, of course. We took the girls to what was supposed to be story time at Barnes and Noble, but they don't really have it anymore. We played with the babies with the toys and the puppets, which was a hoot! There was a pretty realistic dog puppet and Zoe was in love. She threw her arms around it and really hugged it several times.

Well, this.

You can see why I love spending my time with them!

I returned home early Sunday so I could drive up north AGAIN to attend a play in Beech Grove. It is a two man cast, called Mass Appeal. One of my castmates from Mockingbird was the older priest. It was pretty good, and then Gretchen, my friend /carpool buddy and I also went out with the cast and crew afterward. Of course I had turned off my cell phone for the performance and I didn't turn it back on until I was getting ready to go to bed, about 1am... There's a series of voice mails...

Michael - Mom, I took Tylenol and my fever is not going down, should I take some more?
Michael - something unintelligible (this is a common problem for us)
Edwin (roommate type) - Michael is really sick so we're taking him to the um... doctor, yeah to the doctor.
Michael - I'm in the hospital waiting for tests.
Michael - I'm in room (unintelligible), (something else unintelligible) I don't have Heather and Emily's numbers and they might need to know (lots of unintelligible)

SO - I look at my phone and the number displayed when Edwin called was Shaina's (another roommate type) I called her because I don't know if Michael is in hospital, awake, etc.

She said it was only the emergency room, he was never admitted, that in fact, he's upstairs eating vegetable lo mein right now. She told me the saga that Michael's fever got so high he passed out at the top of the stairs and fell all the way down. She thought his legs were broken because he was so tangled up. He came to and they decided he wasn't broken so they got him back upstairs and he promptly passed out again. They decided they could take him to the hospital and save a thousand bucks so they took him in. It turns out he just has really, really bad strep throat.  He's on mega antibiotics, and codeine cough syrup and loads of ibuprofen.  I took over soup and Gatorade and sudafed and such. I offered for him to come home and stay but he doesn't want to. He usually sleeps in a shack that is unheated and has no water and does all his other stuff at Ghosthouse (that's why Edwin and Shaina are merely roommate types and not full roommates). He's been pretty sick for a couple of weeks and has been staying over there a lot more, on a couch, but he doesn't have a real bedroom. Tonight they are having a house concert, probably hard-core punk, so he's sleeping at some other house so he can rest, but STILL doesn't want to some home. At least he's in a real house with heat (of course it's 60 degrees today and tomorrow!, damn Indiana)

SO - babies are cute, plays are good and Michael is sick, but cared for by many.

And now, I must retire.

and when I check the "friends" label tonight I include the inhabitants of Ghosthouse, because what better friends than to help take care of my younger offspring when I am off gallivanting around with those shady theater people!

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