Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I'm a little bit worried because of the amount of sleeping I have done the past few days. It reminds me a little of where I was maybe two years (guessing) ago when my major daily accomplishment was getting out of bed and getting to work and that was ALL I could do. Since Sunday that is about where I am. Tomorrow I am going to FORCE myself to go to the water class and swim. I guess I have also been cooking homemade food. Maybe it's not as bad as it was at that time.

I made roasted brussels sprouts for the first time tonight. I have never liked them before until a couple of years ago Whryne made them this way and I liked them. Then some of the women at work talked about the brussel sprouts in their stinky lunches. I bought some last week at Trader Joe's and finally got around to making them tonight. Pretty yummy, plus the baby cabbages are cruciferous vegetables that are full of good phytochemical compounds that fight cancer.  Brussels Sprouts for everyone! Now I will take my own stinky lunch tomorrow.

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