Monday, January 21, 2013

Oh, my aching feet!

Just a short report.

It's fucking cold here, so cold they put the schools on a two hour delay for tomorrow already. Everybody always thinks it's so the children won't have to stand out in the cold, but it's really because it takes the buses that long to warm up enough to drive and steer.

My feet were so swollen today I had to take my socks off because they were cutting into my legs and my shoes hurt my feet. I haven't had that for a long, long time. It probably would have been good for them to go to the Y and get in the pool, but I was so whiney and it's so cold I couldn't handle it. I came home and went to bed. I got up around 7:00 and cooked some chili. Now I've eaten and I am going to go back to bed very soon. I also took two pills of diuretics so I hope that will work. I haven't taken any for weeks! I'm really frustrated that they are swelling again.

I'm going to go wash my dinner dishes and pack lunch for tomorrow and then head to bed. I might play in bed and go on FB or something, but probably not for too long.

Good night.

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