Thursday, July 29, 2010

BOT Report 7-29-10

Bad news: Awakened with head/neckache still in serious condition.
Good news: was able to get to work and function well most of the time.

Bad news: Left ankle still swollen, ugh, plus neck pain made every step painful.
Good news: Still got in some movement today - swam again (breast stroke only - no neck rotation) and completed 100 meters more than last time.

Bad news: forgot to pay the water bill and the water was shut off!
Good news: Tomorrow is pay day and I can get it fixed first thing in the morning (Plus I showered after swimming tonight.)

Bad news: It's pretty late and I should be going to bed.
Good news: There's no water so I don't have to worry about leaving dirty dishes! :)

So really - I am going to have a snack, take my night time meds and go to bed with an icepack on my neck. I wish my bedroom TV hadn't blown up last week. It was always one of my insomnia fixers. My mind is racing quite a bit tonight so I am afraid I will have trouble settling down.


Kim said...

What do you think about trying acupuncture for your neck and headaches?

Hope said...

I have heard of one place in town that is supposed to be good. I have had it before, but NOT form a good practitioner. I am afraid of needles and that experience made it worse. I am going to continue trying my therapy, stay away from Lafayette and try to stay active approach and if it doesn't start to help I will try to acupuncture.