Monday, July 19, 2010

Back on track report 7 - 19.

Good - I took a nap when I felt like it, but it made me miss time with Michael which was sad.

Good - I took a rug to the car wash and washed it with the pressure sprayer- part of the car revitalization project. I am going to pull out the old, nasty trunk liner and trace it and cut this rug, bind the edges with packing tape and have a nice trunk liner.

Bad - still have a stiff neck. I am starting to think it is stress induced. I may try to get back to Dr. Karin tomorrow.

Badder - license plates expire on 7-21. I need to do math to figure if I can afford to renew in time AND to see if I can see Dr. Karin. If I only afford one, does health take a priority and the risk of getting a ticket be damned?

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