Friday, July 23, 2010

BOT Report 7-22-10

Neck still stiff, but I had one time I turned my head and realized I didn't turn my shoulders along with it! Maybe one pain-free moment will lead to others. The regular part of the headache was still very naggy today. It hurt so bad this morning I was trying to have a little teeny conversation with Gillian about fund raising for extracurricular activities and thinking of THAT combined with the headache made me get teary eyed! Very silly.

Garet and Michael and I went to an IU orchestra concert tonight. They played two Wagners, something else I don't recall and a Strauss. I normally claim to hate Wagner, but the first one they did had this part near the beginning where the violins kept repeating variations on these runs and there was a counter melody over it and it was very beautiful. The Strauss had this amazing fortissimo part at the end that was powerful and took my breath away. I also saw a couple of people I hadn't seen for years and that was welcome.

I have been a good mix of restful and productive since coming home. I feel better today emotionally - a little more balanced. I am SO looking forward to the weekend when I get to see my friends from High school - heck JUNIOR high school. A couple of them I met at the Girl Scout 6th grade camporee, before we even went to the same school. I should take my photo albums, maybe, but I hate to take up car space when I may also be doing delivering of Mom and Dad stuff places... hmmm... maybe THIS is one of the times I need to put MY desires first!

License plates were able to be renewed today. One financial burden taken care of for another 364 days or so.

All in all, I don't feel quite so derailed as I did yesterday. I think because I had a little pain-free moment, did something enjoyable with my two favorite men, got one financial thing accomplished and I have something amazing to look forward to for the weekend.

Definitely more centered, definitely more optimistic and definitely tired and need to get my butt in bed!

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